“Don’t worry about what other people are seeing in you. Don’t worry about the love they’re giving you. Let your awareness be about what you’re putting out. Let your awareness be about how much you’re loving.” By Abraham-Hicks

Our lives aren’t about what we are getting, experiencing, taking, consuming. Our lives are about what we are giving out, projecting, emitting, expressing, doing, being. Every day I feel anxiety about something and recently I’ve become more aware that this anxiety is associated with thought about how people will perceive me. Will I look stupid? Will they love or respect me less? What will they think of me? I’m literally sick of it!!! It’s affecting my digestion and my energy. All this worry and anxiety fuels self-doubt. T is so strong that I can’t imagine people and the universe aren’t receiving what I feel. I’m sending out crap and I’m attracting more of it back. 

I recently let myself get into a deep funk about a job I had. I wasn’t enjoying it, because I felt the client didn’t like my work, or appreciate it enough to let me know. The truth is they never gave feedback, because of their own inability to do so, not because of my output. Thank God, I had an angel who eventually let me know this truth. However, I kept looking down on my work because of it and let my motivation slide. As I’m writing this, I’m filled with anxiety at the possibility of telling certain people in my life that this contract has probably dried up. Again, I’m letting the opinions of others describe my self-image. Not cool, Mario! 

What is cool, however, is that I see clearly what I was putting out. I can choose a different output. I can do it. I can love myself enough and believe in myself enough. I can.

Can you? 

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