I saw a partial face on an alley wall downtown, screaming at passersby and it made me laugh. First, I wondered who was passerby-ing in this alley to see this almost entirely hidden screamer, then I wondered what it was screaming about from such an obscure location, where so few people would hear it. Phew, what a run-on sentence!

Anyway, it got my attention and kept me giggling until I got to my destination and opened my sketchbook. Well, past that point, evidently, because I’m still giggling at the memory of it.

Reflecting on it, it’s the absurdity of its contradictions that tickled me: obscure location without audience vs earnest expression of a desire to say… something, to someone…anyone… I place it up there with the ubiquitous “killroy was here” graffiti that apparently started appearing everywhere during WWII, in that it has lost meaning to us today beyond curious amusement.

Ok, that was an obscure reference. Perhaps this is even more obscure; it is definitely more ridiculous. In the 1980’s there was an organization of students in Montreal that enjoyed being part of an association of anarchists and fervent supporters of the Anarchist Party They had a dress code, pins, pamphlets, a manifesto, and a semblance of policies. I’ll let that one sink in for a minute… Still not sure why that’s absurdly funny? Google the definition of Anarchy!

Anyway, back to our little screamer. Uncertain of his purpose for screaming. I hope you enjoy him, but that is really up to you.

I used charcoals, Conte, and some soft pastels to bring this oddball to life.

See more at Arts MPerron @ www.1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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