“You know you have mastered a soul lesson when the circumstance has not changed, but the way you respond has. This is true energy self-mastery.” By unknown

This is gold! It teaches us to first accept the absolute fact that the situation has happened. It is un-emotional, non-debatable, irrefutable fact. It happened! Now, how we respond is all that matters. 

We have all read how the choice of response is completely our own. Not everyone is perfectly self-aware or self-disciplined enough to always react perfectly, so stop worrying about that. Do your best and promise yourself you will learn from each reaction to help you deal with the next. Mastery isn’t something that just happens, it requires practice. 

What are you feeling about this right now? What will you feel about it next time? 

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts #19: I don’t think I’ll think that anymore

  1. I wish I would have read this yesterday. The neighbors dog got free and came over and attacked my dog while we were out in the back yard – my adrenaline spiked and I flipped right out on them – not my best moment to be sure. It’s a life time of practice trying to keep emotion out of responses. Thanks for sharing and good reminder.

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