Part of the accretion project, I used torn and end scraps of thin slabs. Each piece was textured with a textured-roller, then assembled wet, using only a little slip and scoring. When leather hard, I used a carving tool to take away excess slip at the seams and emphasize the layers. I gave a few coats of bright green engobe to the interior. I let it dry slowly to bone dry and bisqued it.

I was still unfamiliar with the stains and glazes available but remained determined to play with them on this one. The inside is coated with a matte-white crawl glaze. The outside pieces have different coloured oxides, except the large walls, which received a thin coat of a clear glaze. Then I fired it to Cone 04.

Note: I took many pictures of this one and none do it justice.

Dimensions: H – 30cm x W – 16cm x D – 11cm Available to own.

Please IM me here, or through Instagram @mariomjperron

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