“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” By Buddha

Does this send a shiver down your spine? Well, it should! You are this powerful! 

First, you must earn to discipline your thoughts, feelings, and imagination so they focus on the outcomes you really want. 

Second, every single time you let competing and/or contradictory thoughts, feelings, and visualizations take root in your being, that will in the very least, delay the manifestation of what you want, or outright replace it with what you don’t want.

The universe only knows how to take orders. The stronger (ie: pure) ones always get done first. Humans might be genetically hardwired to look for danger and this causes doubt and over-thinking to enter our minds, but we also have an evolved mind that permits rational and purposeful thought. ie: We have the ability of choice! This ability requires very little practice. We do it all the time. What we don’t do is exercise conscious decision making. Take control and make the choices you want, or your outcomes will remain where you don’t want them.

What do you want?


4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts #20: Holly Cow! Am I Ever Powerful!

  1. I found your post extremely encouraging and motivating! Often we feel overwhelmed or powerless facing “failure” but eventually failure will lead to growth and that will lead to you achieving your goal in the end. Thank you for this quote as it showed that no matter how long it will take you have to keep your mind focused on what you want and have trust that you are capable of achieving what you want! All the best

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  2. This quote is scary but encouraging, simultaneously. Scary because some thoughts are unconscious and somehow wired to face some situations. Encouraging because it is cool to know that you are your own thoughts. This field of the mind’thoughts/thinking pattern is soooo interesting. thank you for your post

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