“Care less about what you own. Care more about how you live.” By Joshua Becker

When it comes to my blogging and writing, I’m positively a hoarder. I collect an abundance of research and information, create a working document that comprises all the quotes, statements, concepts, etc.. I find relevant for the article I’m writing. Then it gets longer with notes, observations, and additional research. This growth is self-perpetuating until I realize I have way too much and far too many tangents off my original topic. Then I trim it back mercilessly. I don’t know if the timing can be compared to living, but the achievement of focus on the topic sure feels freeing. 

I’ve known a lot of pessimistic people in my life, (including me, of occasion) who are always warning about what ifs, planting good intentioned doubts with their tales of caution, and sharing their fears with no real regard for what you have experienced, or hope to experience from your new adventure. While not one of them feel they are pessimistic, they sure do love to talk about possible tragedies. Well, I grew up in this environment. It was everywhere in the cold war era. Eventually, I learned to look at the scenario of what would I do if I lost everything I owned. The answer was initially confusing. It always had a tinge of relief to it and I didn’t understand that feeling. As I got older, I started to see the freedom that came without having to think and worry about stuff. In time, I learned to enjoy stuff while I had it, then let it go. Now, I give stuff away and don’t look back. 

Most recently, watching Marie Kondo on Netflix has taught me the additional gift of gratitude and appreciation for what I have. I take better care of my stuff, use it happily, and when it’s time to get rid of it, I thank it for its service in my life. 

What are you holding on to?


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