“Some things in life happen for a reason. And sometimes, you don’t need to know what the reason is – you just need to trust that it was a seed planted in your soul to help you find a reason and purpose for your living.” From averstu.com

So, how do I know when not to worry about the reasons? When I feel the worry, is a good start. I’ve learned that this is a sign that I’m out of alignment with my purpose and need to change course or let go. I’m always saying everything happens for a reason and in my mind the inner voice completes the sentence by saying the reason will reveal itself when it is supposed to, so just keep moving forward. 

I admit that I spend way too much energy worrying and feeling anxious that I didn’t complete something or another, and I’m very aware of how bad that makes me feel. Worry is just not productive. Go over, through, or around obstacles. Just don’t stand in front of them and think about them. You have to do like time and always move forward. I’m certain the meaning this quote has for me today will evolve and whatever it is teaching me might reveal itself more fully tomorrow or the next day. So, I’ve let it sink in and it will grow however it wants, when it wants. 

What are you letting be today? 


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