“Most people never heal, because they stay in their heads, replaying corrupted scenarios. Let it go.” By S. Mcnutt

I had to reflect on this one for a bit. That in itself showed me I was in the habit of going to my head first. In my head, I find memories to relate to this quote, in hopes of better understanding it. Memories are not what I’m experiencing right now, so they will not give me a current understanding. I had to let them go and listen to what I feel right now. 

It seemed like every time I went into my head to think about pain, the pain came back. It wouldn’t go away, it didn’t fade; all it did was get attached to current thoughts and feelings. I kept them alive. They never healed. I’m aware of this now and even though I still occasionally spend some time stewing in my pity pot, I know it isn’t a positive thing. It is only a comfortable distraction from getting on. 

What thoughts have you been repeating and how do they make you feel?


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