The more research I did into the images of the Tin Man, the more photos, drawings, and paintings of Jack Haley (actor from the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie).This seems to be the most widely accepted vision for this iconic character. Frankly, I never liked it. The character in the books has far more potential… well maybe I’m just wishing someone would make him more brutal looking. The idea is slowly percolating in my head…

In the meantime, I continued on my mission to distort the more classic versions of this icon… I felt the elongated body added more than caricature to this one; it gave him an awkward discomfort… maybe this will make him more grumpy, if not brutal… Maybe not… there’s a little bit of ther stylings from Saint-Exupery (Le Petit Prince). Well, he is oddly sweet looking.

Stay tuned for more to come…

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