You will find the earlier images listed under “Building an idea – THM… “

I wanted to expand a little with colour, but also with adding more thane figure in the frame. I got this idea that I should try to make the background in a different colour, specifically bright yellow… just to see what it might look like and/or feel. The inside of the figures needed to remain in contrast and I imagined the white would enhance the other colours I added.

I hadn’t yet felt the title when I drew the outlines, nor before the colour started getting blended throughout the frame… As soon as I stood back, I heard the question one figure asked the other… something about the awkwardness of the two figures reminded me of some school dance where I may have fully exhausted myself screwing up courage to ask a girl to dance… in my mind, I must have looked like Rick Moranis asking Sigourney Weaver out on Ghostbusters (the original film, folks!)

More to come…

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