This past year in ceramics has been awesome and challenging. Awesome, because I have been able to get back into my ceramics and explore a little. Challenging because I realized that I was more experimental when I had my own studio space and not challenged by the constraints of the school settings. No one has really stopped me from experimenting, but being around others has really challenged my focus on the work. This has often translated in a less creative, or free outcome. I just didn’t feel inspired by the space I was working in. I need time to just thunk without others around. I played with the glazes available in the studio, but I always felt limited by time. I felt rushed in everything. I would have continued to explore much more, especially with the possibilities for majollica glazes, over-glazes, and the contrasts of engobes and underglazes. Regardless, I have been able to produce some beautiful pieces.

The following are all pinch-pot tea bowls. Ranging in height and diameter, between 5 to 8 cm in all directions. Also, playing with shapes, from goblet to bowl.

Over the next month, or so, I will post close-ups of each one, including perspectives, brief descriptions (but not my glaze plays… those I chose to forget… a little.)

As always, I welcome comments and inquiries into my pieces and many will remain available for sale, if you act quickly (DM me here).

Stay tuned…

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