Start with the Wikipedia page and then dig as deep as you want into the significance of the The Pure Ones of Taoism. I know I’m mixing cultural references by calling these Sake cups, but they just didn’t feel like they fit into my tea bowl work. There is something far purer about these. It seems to me they would require a clear and steaming liquid (if that’s how you like your Sake). Perhaps ice cold would also add the sensory layer I imagine for them.

Each is about 3.5″ (9cm) tall and the bowls are only an inch (2.5cm) deep by about 2 inches (5cm) in diameter. They would hold only a little liquid. Another reason they should only contain the purest of liquid treats, only the finest spirit.

One could say, in being made to hold only the purest substances, they contain the wisdom of the refinement process. Maybe I’ll use them for an aged Glenfarclas Whiskey.

They are made with a white stoneware clay body, glazed and electric fired at Cone 6.

These are unique and I haven’t yet made any others like these. I’m not sure I will. To me, they are perfect as is and I’m not sure I’ll sell these.


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