The only place I have space is in my garage workshop… so, I made some tough choices this summer and cleared out a ton of stuff, re-organized all I could, and closed the garage down for a Winterized space.

My greatest challenge is lighting. If we were doing this PTNG 200 class in the university space, we’d have a big open room with lots of lighting… I don’t have that luxury working from home. So, I did my best with what I have.

Now, the teacher proposed that we stay live for each 4 hour session and all paint together from the relative comfort of our own little bubbles. I really didn’t know how this would work, because I believed that I can only paint in the peace of my own mind…ie: without the chatter of others around me. The first class wasn’t so bad. We’ll just go with it and see what comes of it.

The teacher is encouraging questions from us… again not something I’m used to doing in my own painting practice… I will have to adapt and see how to add this challenge to my practice.

We started a piece in our second class and are supposed to be doing a new piece every week… I’ll try to publish progresses in short-ish posts.


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