Using a handmade marking brush: The handle is a bamboo stick and jute twine. The brush end is from the metal spring binding on an old notebook. I had no idea how much ink would stay on this material and I was surprised that it pooled as much as it did. It left wonderful blobs and drops on the paper, which I was able to move around with different line thicknesses.

My aim was to make a face and the messy lines reminded me of how I think I look when I towel dry my hair. The real fun part of this sort of abstract to me is that depending on where you look, a whole new story emerges about what is seen.

Dimension: 15″ (38cm) x 11″ (28cm)

Materials: India ink on Watercolour Paper

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @


4 thoughts on “Give Me a Minute to Brush my Hair

  1. This is a really fun exercise that produces some serious and compelling works of art! I’ve done some very fun and experimental brush making exercises in the classroom and studio. Great for strengthening motor skills and cognition. It’s interesting to me that you had a very concrete goal for your drawing, and how your process led to a new representational insight via very abstract artistic language! Well done 🙂

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