We are often saddled with labels that just don’t help our mindsets!

Optimist are frequently equated with idealist, or God forbid, dreamers!

I don’t know about you, but being a dreamer wasn’t nurtured in my school or home as a kid, so that word had a less favourable connotation. It often came with the admonishment “stop being a daydreamer”. As if imagination could be a bad thing…

By the way, it isn’t!!! I encouraged it in my daughter and in my students… “dream and imagine all the possibilities!!!”

And, who ever wants to be called a pessimist. Of course being a realist isn’t the same as being a pessimist.

A realist sees a situation as it is (to their perception) and acts upon it. That includes mislabeled-as-fatalist quote: ” It is as it is, so move on”.

What do you think we’re moving on to? Possibilities, of course!!!

So, if you’re tired of the judge feelings that come with all these other labels, then rebuttal with your barbaric yalp and say “NO, I’M A POSSIBILIST!”


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