It seems I still have an obsession with faces… even when I start with abstract work. To be fair to myself, I am still preoccupied with other work that is in progress. I need to allow myself to be mindful and let the work speak to me. I forced this one a little.

I started by putting down the primary pigments and mixing them a little together. In my view, and this is where I see I could practice mindfulness, I impatiently looked for some pattern or design in the early abstract stages. I even felt myself trying to put a face in there, instead of letting one reveal itself. After the black lines came in, I used a watercolour brush and water to blend the paint into the spaces delineated by the lines. Now that I’m looking at it from a different angle, I see I could have turned this into a beautiful seascape had I not added the lines so early. Live and learn… that’s part of why I’m doing this project after all.

The forcing of the face is unpleasant to me and I can’t feel a good nose, mouth, or chin. The eyes also feel forced to me. I think I’ll try the experiment again tomorrow with our the early line-work.

Stay tuned and please help me with questions.


4 thoughts on “A Creative Block Project – Day 2

  1. Humans are biologically programmed to seek out faces. Perhaps you’re not experiencing an obsession, instead your basic nature is responding. Questions: After the color was laid down did you rotate the page to see how it looks from all angles? Did you consider starting your work in landscape mode?

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    1. Thank you for your comment and questions, Kate.
      For this first one, I didn’t reorient the abstract before the addition of black lines. It was only afterward that I saw different possibilities with reorientation. For the next one, it is my intention to let the ink dry fully and look at the abstract from all angles before choosing what I see in it and adding any black lines.

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