I was feeling very unenthused about making this today. I left it this morning and headed to work thinking I’d be admitting I just didn’t feel like doing this today… my tank still feels empty. Well, I guess teaching art helps me have a different perspective. I’m just not sure how or why, but it did this time.

Upon entering my office I saw the painting and some parts were still wet. I found that odd and was worried I’d get ink on my clothes, but I didn’t. I moved the paper around and let the wet ink drip a little. Then it started to come into focus… something from the old Wolverton cartoons… characters running across the screen, morphing and melting into blurs. Well, that’s what I see.

I realize I need to take more risks and try different starting points… ones with more purpose. This I got from one of my students as they struggled to express their intentions before having the skills to draw them. They were courageous in that moment and we gave them advice de to achieve their vision. I have to have that courage for myself.

Stay tuned…


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