Being from Montreal, Canada myself, I learned a long time ago, before or 23andme came along, that we are seldom genetically pure in relation to the culture we grew up in. Hundreds to thousands of years of colonial habits have many of us being a genetic stew of racial ancestors.

Even this article dances around the subject of who are the Vikings, really?

As the article suggest (at least to me), it is more valuable to trace cultural history to determine origins… genetics are essentially muddy the farther back we go.

One thought on “A little good news — about Vikings (?)

  1. Also, the Vikings had slaves (treller) from other countries, some of them were freed and taken into the community and may also have participated in the raiding.
    Not all Scandinavians have or had blond hair.
    Vikings travelled and settled in different countries, married and got kids.
    Yes, when “going” Vikingr they were fierce, but the people of Scandinavia was also traders, farmers, explorers trying to make a living.

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