See T’Hed: Pencil outline for previous reflections…

I was really uncertain of the colour pallet I wanted to land on and felt the need to play with options and finishes at the same time. I really just wanted a glimpse of what colour might do. I’ve been experimenting with dry and oil pastels throughout the “Working out an Inspiration” process, so it seemed like a good place to start. However, oil pastels might make it more difficult for acrylic paint to adhere to the surface, and I can’t safely use oils in my current work space due to insufficient ventilation… So, what to do?

I decided to try dry pastels. First, I’ve never really used them on a gessoed surface and that would allow me to try something new. Also, I really love the colourful mess that dry pastels make: on the surface, the studio area, and my hands. What I learned is that dry pastels don’t leave much pigment on the gesso surface. Granted, I didn’t press very hard, nor use up several pastel sticks, so it could have been more.

So, how to get more visible colour? If on paper, I cold have used a little teaching trick that allows my students to bring home their work with much. less mess: paint over the colours with water which soaks the pigments into the canvas and allows us to add some blending. to the. composition. Well, that probably won’t be as. effective with the gesso, as it effectively seals the surface. Maybe I can use a clear acrylic medium, or varnish. I could also try using some watered-down white acrylics paint, or even thinned gesso. It will make things blurry, I think… I need to do a little visualization on this…

Stay tuned for what I do next…

In the meantime… here’s a glimpse of where I’m working these days… the manipulation of the photo also helps me decide on next steps.

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