This past week I decided it was time… let me rephrase that; I decided I needed to start making some art and the T’Hed project needed to get started. In my mind, I’m still experimenting with materials and design, so I am allowing myself to to take impulsive risks and then change them as I feel the need to. In other words, I’m not starting with a final vision in mind… Let’s see where this goes, shall we?

First, this is a reclaimed canvas [48″ x 36″ (122cm x 91.5cm)] that has loads of texture from the previous oil painting that was under the gesso I applied to it. As you may know by now, the uneven surface brings me a great deal of pleasure, especially when I feel I’ve been able too incorporate the imperfections into my pursuit of uniqueness.

Second, I’ve decided to play with as many materials and methods as possible… just because it’s so much fun to solve the aesthetics problems arising from the use of incongruent media. Anyway, I grabbed the 2B pencil I’ve been suing to take notes during some courses, because I want to show my students (& myself) that they don’t need elaborate materials to start artwork… I’m planning to nip those adolescent excuses in the bud! I broke the lead several times, but eventually got the hang of how to adjust the pressure on this canvas.

Stay tuned for the next. steps…


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