I’m forever looking for interesting visuals to fuel paintings, inspire ceramics, and explore the senses. This one did all three. Back in the 1970s, it seemed like almost every. yard used these waterlogged logs as fencing. They added a rustic warmth to people’s homes drove a sense of nostalgia for older, simpler times. To me, they always presented something more instinctive, more wabi-sabi and zen… I realize that I’ve hunted and experimented. with all sorts of materials to achieve the texture of these already-grey woods. While I know they are processed; I simply do not care to figure out how. All I know. is that they make me feel good and I love the textures & colours they have…. blueish-grey.

I chose monochrome to draw your attention more to texture, than colour. The intense sharpness creates some tension with the aged feel of the wood and I wonder if I might have achieved a better congruence with less detail. I intentionally pulled the image vertically & horizontally to the right, to place the viewer in. the path of the camera. It feels somewhat uncomfortable.

There’s more to come…


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