On a cold, windy, and cloudy day, one sometimes only sees grey. The question is how to capture that feeling without being too obvious. I happily snapped various vistas and hoped for the best. This one revealed itself in a far corner of another shot… perhaps it was Tom Waits’ voicing melancholic moods, and/or the fact that I’d had Jack White’s version of Jolene ear-worming my subconscious for several days, but the name Jolene shouted out as soon as I saw these small trunks shooting up and asking what happened to the rest of their tree. The dark leaves you see shrub-ing their way around the stumplets, are actually dark crimson and look. almost as insidious as in monochrome. I also have the recurring lesson I teach my students about composition… pay attention to your rule of thirds and place your focal point off-centre to allow the viewer’s eye to roam and read across the composition…

More to come…


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