Notice the hare, a master of disguise
Its fur, a perfect blend with earth and skies

Amidst the green, it takes a still position
Hoping to escape any form of detection

Its eyes, bright with a hint of fear
Yet it stays motionless, without any tear

For the hare knows the power of stillness
A chance to hide, in a world of realness

The sun beats down, but the hare stands strong
A creature of patience, it knows where it belongs

Its ears alert, in case danger should come
But its body remains still, as if struck dumb

For in the stillness, the hare finds its power
A chance to evade, to escape the hunter’s hour

And though its heart may race, it remains in place
Hoping to avoid the dangers that it may face

So let it be, this moment of tranquility
For the hare hopes to remain in obscurity

And as we pass by, let us honour its will
To stay hidden, to stay hidden still.


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