In the dimly lit studio,
One kneads the wet clay with their fingers,
Molding and shaping it into visions,
A glimpse into the essence of the mind.

The clay twists and turns,
Taking on a life of its own,
As if it knows what is desired,
What is needed to express.

One carves into the surface,
Creating valleys and peaks,
Figurative expressions of their inner selves,
Reflections of deepest thoughts.

The kiln’s heat transforms the clay,
Bringing to life the spark of perspectives,
As these creations hang on obscure walls,
A window into the soul.

Each piece a unique manifestation,
Of the artist’s heart and soul,
A tangible representation,
Of the journey we all must go.

And as the sun sets on another day,
One stands back, contemplating their work,
Grateful for the opportunity to create,
A glimpse into universal minds and souls.


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