Outside the stillness of my mind,

I capture her moment of inner contemplation,

A fleeting glimpse of something profound,

A spark of insight that ignites her soul.

And then suddenly I see my child,

So natural and candid in her beauty,

A snapshot of innocence and wonder,

A perfect moment frozen in time.

My heart swells with an intense love,

A fierce and primal bond unbreakable,

A deep connection that defies words,

An endless wellspring of devotion.

For in her eyes I see the future,

A world of infinite possibilities,

And I am but a guide on her journey,

A witness to her transformation.

So I hold her close and cherish this moment,

This gift of love that is beyond measure,

And I am grateful for the privilege,

Of being a parent to such a precious treasure.


2 thoughts on “Inner Contemplation – Monochromes in a Colourful Mind

  1. Oh my. Spoken like a caring parent. I don’t understand how people can take advantage of children and distort their perspective of the world. Forever! And call themselves parents. It angers me.

    I’m so happy to read this. Thank you. Lovely words and sentiment. Xoxo. May your child know a world of wonder and love like the kind you give. Bless you. Thanks.
    I wish you miracles

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