In the aftermath of the urban sprawl,

The suburban forest lies in ruins,

A wasteland of stumps and fallen trunks,

Bereft of its verdure but not beauty.

From this desolation are imagined new worlds,

A playground for the children of the suburbs,

Who explore the remnants of old trees,

Their imaginations unfurling with boundless possibilities.

They see the deep roots that once anchored these giants,

Imagining them reaching down into impossible realms,

Beneath our feet, through the earth and beyond,

A vast network of secret passageways and hidden tunnels.

And so they play, running wild and free,

Scaling the broken branches and climbing the stumps,

Their laughter echoing through the barren landscape,

As they create a world of magic and wonder.

For in the eyes of a child, even the bleakest terrain,

Can become a canvas for imagination,

A place where dreams and reality intertwine,

And the impossible becomes possible once more.

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