At winter’s end, as the thaw unfurls,

The snow melts away, revealing

The secrets hidden beneath the ice.

Evidence of the gardener’s careful tending

To his garden, now on full display,

As the earth awakens from its slumber.

Weathered remnants of string, jute, and leaves

Lie scattered around, transformed into

Nature’s own unique collage.

But amidst this display of remnants,

One cannot help but wonder:

What is the difference between detritus and beauty?

For in this garden, the line is blurred,

As the leftovers of the past are repurposed,

Transformed into something new and beautiful.

Perhaps there is no difference after all,

And it is simply a matter of perspective,

Of seeing the beauty in what was once discarded.

As the snow continues to melt away,

And the garden comes back to life,

We are reminded that beauty can be experienced

In the most unexpected of eyes.


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