Amidst the bustling throngs of Dubai’s mall,

Where the black marble walls stretch impossibly high,

Lies a hidden oasis, a secret escape,

Where the weary can pause and let their minds intake.

Here, where the air is crisp with the mist,

The sound of falling water is the only sound.

An indoor waterfall, a marvel of space,

Where sculpture meets design, in perfect rhyme.

The figures, frozen in mid-dive,

Seem to fly through the water, so alive.

Their sleek forms illuminated by light,

As they plunge into the pool, ever so bright.

And there, at the base of this living art,

We sit and sip our bitter coffees, in a world apart.

The wall of the café, the waterfall’s embrace,

A breathtaking sight, one that we can’t replace.

In this moment, we are lost in time,

As we watch the water climb and climb.

Our minds at peace, our souls at ease,

In this indoor oasis, we are finally free.


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