My art practice is more of an intellectual pursuit of my curiosities, then a desire to express a specific message. I love to play and experiment; to try what I’ve never tried before; to do what some say “shouldn’t” be done. I think artists are like scientists. Just like a scientist, we begin with a question, something we don’t know. We research that question and experiment our hypotheses. To do this, we bring with us a chaos of ideas and influences, baskets of chosen materials, some courage to take risks, and ever evolving skills. For me, making art focuses them all into a singular result, a thesis, an expression. 

Both my and my viewers’ first question is where does an artists inspiration come from. The only answer I can give is… everywhere. Every time I use my senses, I am inspired to use those sensations and transform them with infinite recombinations. Everything I see eventually finds a voice in something I make.  

Both my and my viewers’ second question is some version of “What do you do?” Answering that I’m an artists feels limiting. We all. Have preconceptions of what an artists “must” be; I choose to say that I’m a material explorer, and with various art materials, I let out all that my curiosity brings into my mind’s eye. This leads to a fun conversation about how I see my work, my process and how we all sometimes stop to smell the roses. Art gives me a focus to enjoy such moments. 

Both my and my viewers’ final question is “What does it mean?” While it is always more fun for me to hear what others get from my work, I have come to greatly enjoy the connections I make with people when I let them know what I feel it means. My art means many things, and for me it means joy, love, accomplishment, challenge, and sanctuary. I vacation freely and often in my works and invite others to join me and/or visit on their own terms. I am always willing to share the experience with a curious viewer.


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    1. Dear Mario Perron,

      I concur with Harbans! Thank you very much for sharing your artistic philosophy and ethos with us so lucidly. I particularly like the following:

      Artist’s Statement
      I think artists are like scientists.
      Just like a scientist, we begin with a question, something we don’t know.
      We go into our studio and research that question.
      We bring with us a chaos of ideas and influences, combined with a basket of materials and skills. Art focuses them all into a singular result.

      Perhaps you can create a parallel version of my following image for artists:

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      1. My gratitude to you for giving valuable comments.

        The artists are the creams of any society who analyse anything and everything taking into account the natural settings, inner recesses of our mind, add a dose of spirituality to make it magnetic along with past experiences of our seers and artists of yore.

        Anybody who is creative in his/her way of transaction is an artist. I am of the opinion that everybody is artist but we have to draw out this talents from our inner self. 🙏🙏🙏

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      2. Dear Harbans and Mario,

        Art can indeed make our lives more fulfilling and holistic, perhaps even more so now that the viral pandemic is all around us.

        Speaking of the sonic art of music, as we maintain spatial distancing and stay home to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus, please kindly allow me the pleasure to entertain you with a bespoke poem and music recently published in the multimedia post entitled 🎼🎹—THE—🎹—LAST—🎹—RAG—🎹🎵🎶, where the featured composition for solo piano can be enjoyed and studied in multiple formats available to you as the audio playbacks, the video captures of score with music, and the gallery of printable score sheets.

        The post is available for you to enjoy at

        Since music can be an essential part of the process of sustainability, wellbeing, healing and even social change and spiritual awakening, may my music and poem in the said post bring you and your family some creative “distractions” or “diversions” amidst the disruptions and woes engendered by the pandemic.

        I look forward to receiving your feedback at the post there.

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      3. The art has special relevance for us, a life bereft of art is barren and listless. We feel as though we are missing something special.

        Time though is hard due to Covid-19 pandemic but those who draw out something from within will never feel lonely in any situation and condition. Covid or no Covid, they will feel determined and jovial.

        Certainly your write-up is wonderful. Regards.

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      4. Dear Harbans,

        I am delighted to read your comment here. Thank you for your feedback and compliment. Given that your comment pertains to my post, I would really appreciate it if you could kindly leave your lovely comment in my post too at

        You can simply copy and paste your comment and perhaps add more if you have something extra to say. Thank you in anticipation.

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