Head in the Clouds – Music-book Doodles 2022

Originally composed as a strange, bulbous figure with its head receding far into the vanishing point; signifying its mind was firmly lost in the clouds, as the expression goes. That is what I saw when I drew it, but that changed when one of my clever students turned the image upside down and declared it … Continue reading Head in the Clouds – Music-book Doodles 2022

Foolish Heart – Music-book Doodles 2022

Another fool full of ambiguity... on the surface the heart may appear foolish, but this very disposable member of the king's court is always careful and on the watch ... they cannot let themselves ever be really foolish in their actions. They are the keepers of secrets, the soothers of anger, the playthings of the … Continue reading Foolish Heart – Music-book Doodles 2022

Disdain – Music-book doodles 2022

What happens when all we can see is differences. Not seeing eye to eye is often a choice to not listen and consider another perspective. These two figures are similar in many ways, and yet they chose to focus on their differences and even turn them into hatred. The facial expressions are angry and mistrustful; … Continue reading Disdain – Music-book doodles 2022

Puppy Look – Music-book Doodles 2022

We recently got our first puppy, a Maltese-poodle mix, named Whiskey... all energy and silly faces. This is the inquisitive face he makes for us whenever we make a new sound for him: a whistle, imitated animal sound, or copy his sounds. He stops, tilts his head, and stares at us as if to ask … Continue reading Puppy Look – Music-book Doodles 2022

Reaching The Light – Music-book Doodles 2022

Imagine the adaptation here: the bioluminescent orb only works above the water surface and the fish only perceives black and white contrasts... it only sees the shadow off some organism floating on the surface directly below its orb and then it can rise for the food to enter its mouth. Being so close to the … Continue reading Reaching The Light – Music-book Doodles 2022

Obviousness – Music-book Doodles 2022

I feel the title "Jail Bird" just didn't give enough story. Like my recent drawing of a cow (Cave Drawings), this is obviously a bird, but what is it doing? Is it a stylish, urban pigeon, wearing a striped sweater as modern city camouflage? Is it some strange species adapted to captivity? Is it an … Continue reading Obviousness – Music-book Doodles 2022

Cave Drawings – Music-book Doodles 2022

This started with a desire to use colours like the ones I saw on the cliffs around Sedona, AZ and to have a Southwest aesthetic... thus the weird cow-steer thing. I don't even remember if cows have horns and it really isn't important right now. As my stylized cow was coming together, I realized it … Continue reading Cave Drawings – Music-book Doodles 2022

Pink Cat – Music-book Doodles 2022

I love to imagine what my pets are thinking when they make all their funny facial expressions. his guy could be thinking anything: is the puppy going to leave me alone, because I'm not sure I'm okay with it either way? Did you hear something, was it food or something I should be scared of? … Continue reading Pink Cat – Music-book Doodles 2022

Surprise – Music-book Doodles 2022

I just had an A-ha moment on this one... it reminds me of the little white antagonist in the old Pin k Panther cartoons: always with a look of angry indignation and incredulity. Maybe my bird just can't believe he was caught in a vulnerable pose; maybe there's a whole greater story going on outside … Continue reading Surprise – Music-book Doodles 2022

Jus A Fish – Music-book Doodles 2022

I can't wear my glasses when I'm swimming, so fish tend to look blurry at best to me. What is the essence I see... colours and shapes transformed in my mind by the multitude of images of fish I've seen prior to needing glasses: they are beautiful and simple creatures floating quietly around, but always … Continue reading Jus A Fish – Music-book Doodles 2022