Creative Block – Let Inspiration find you

I'm not complaining, but it's been a struggle to get creative lately; I have lists and post-its full of ideas, but just don't feel like making them happen. Well, that's not entirely true... I lack the motivation to make them happen. Instead, I find myself filling the creative emptiness with TV, retail therapy, reading (sadly, … Continue reading Creative Block – Let Inspiration find you

Erosion in time

Short Film of the work:  “Loss is nothing else but change, and change is nature’s delight.” by Marcus Aurelius Artist Statement I started with questioning how time affects the land. The answers were fast and few: growth, death, and erosion. My second thought related to a desire to make a kinetic sculpture, but how to … Continue reading Erosion in time

Community Rhythms – Teaching how to make a soundscape

Sorry, I'm currently unable to upload the sound files to this .

Micro-Transformations of Space Over Time

The Video - My actual artwork in video form Imagine yourself in a museum’s viewing room. It’s claustrophobically dark and there is an ambient hum that indicates the volumes might get loudly disorienting. You are geared up with tense anticipation for the video to walk your through a sensory experience. You watch as the space … Continue reading Micro-Transformations of Space Over Time

Mark-Making With Ephemeral Materials

Artist Statement It’s been a long journey to my fascination for using found, fragile, and ephemeral materials in my art making process; the reasons transition through various life considerations: financial, identity evolutions, and social consciousness. Each of these qualities forces me to let go of the notions of judgements and allow myself to discover hidden … Continue reading Mark-Making With Ephemeral Materials

Why a Certificate in Art Therapy?

This past summer I was feeling anxious about returning to school for more university classes. I told myself that my learning style didn't jibe with the academics I suffered through the previous year; I'm a practical learner and need to see where I can apply knowledge in my classroom. I didn't get that from the … Continue reading Why a Certificate in Art Therapy?

A Legacy Wall Project for Grade 6 Graduates

Last Winter, I was asked to come up with a mural idea for an Elementary school I was doing an internship with. I got very complicated with a university supervisor suggesting I get all the teachers involved, have all the students fill out reflection forms, coordinate a team of other interns, etc... then Covid hit … Continue reading A Legacy Wall Project for Grade 6 Graduates

Getting Surreal with First Graders

I had no doubt this would be a fun one for my kids; they have such a wonderful sense of humour for silly and strange things. I started with some fun vocabulary: weird, wonderful, strange, peculiar, surreal, unusual. We discussed examples and meanings am out to they all contain things that appear out of place. … Continue reading Getting Surreal with First Graders

My First Graders Explore Pop Art

I introduced this one as a follow-up to the graffiti projects they already did. I wanted them to do something personal, instead of copying the example in the video, so I told them to make their names very visible. The key vocabulary that needed to be demonstrated was the difference between block letters and bubble … Continue reading My First Graders Explore Pop Art

A Grade One Experiencing of Minimalism & Mondrian

To all my fellow teachers, you will understand when I say that this was performed on a day that required... well, flexibility. All sorts of stuff kept modifying my plans and I had to make spontaneous changes. I think I'd been keeping Mondrian in my back pocket to teach a lesson on complimentary colours, but … Continue reading A Grade One Experiencing of Minimalism & Mondrian