Gray Sunshine

I'm always searching for inspirations with my camera in hand... I often capture sights that I have no clue what will develop from them... I only know they feel wonderful to look at and touch some cord inside... this one may become a painting, it may become a new piece of pottery... whatever it inspires, … Continue reading Gray Sunshine


Strange Perspectives before Being Eaten

When editing, I always take a look at the photo in greyscale to see where the light and shadows belong. When I pealed away the colours on this one, something strange developed that I just can't put my finger on. The whole perspective shifter from one where I felt to be looking down into the … Continue reading Strange Perspectives before Being Eaten

Montreal Walls Project – Nine – Consider Textures as Landscapes

In almost every shot I take, I look at it in black and white. This helps me see the textures of the subject, where light hits the surface, where imperfections are, and often gives me a glimpse at something more beautiful than colour can illustrate. Such is the case here, where the sunlight illuminates the … Continue reading Montreal Walls Project – Nine – Consider Textures as Landscapes

The Creature’s Cave

For me, monochrome photos always seem more cinematic. The stories that come to mind are almost always related to old monster movies from the 1950s... which are invariably in black and white. It seems to me that the directors had to be more experienced with traditional photography to frame their shots. Perhaps because they so … Continue reading The Creature’s Cave

A Single Tear for Whiteness

Please focus on the right side of the shot, where a single drop of dew slowly rolls down the gentle petal, like the tear rolling down the soft skin of your love's cheek. The monochrome petals look sensuous and invite the lover's touch on their surfaces. It may be challenging for normal fingers to touch … Continue reading A Single Tear for Whiteness

Cinematic Blossoms

Can you imagine that these are actually bright red flowers? I was really enjoying the angle of this shot and how I felt a tension between the stalk holding the flower and the seemingly escaping movements of the blossoms themselves. As usual, I saw this in my head, not in my eye, so I wasn't … Continue reading Cinematic Blossoms

Without Prejudice

I feel playing in grayscale or focusing on the world through a monochrome lens helps us see the essence of everything. It isn't neutral, it is packed with distinctions. Every new patch has a complex individuality that goes beyond contrast and even farther beyond colour. Zoom in on the patch, tweak the definition and play … Continue reading Without Prejudice

War Photo or Something Closer In Time

I actually forgot the story that inspired the title, but it reminds me of the clifts of Normandy beach or some similar WWII scene I saw in a movie. The resistance is hiding somewhere in the forest waiting for the surviving soldiers that made it off the beach. The air is foggy with gunsmoke and … Continue reading War Photo or Something Closer In Time

Waiting to Rot

Another macro shot was taken in early Spring. Taken well before the Spring cleaning that tidied up the yard and helped me transform it into a more purposeful zen garden. The dry leaves and other detritus left behind by the previous season leave us with shapes, tones, and textures. I felt I had to go … Continue reading Waiting to Rot


These sorts of images bring me a great deal of pleasurable anxiety! I tend to take hundreds of them; seldom really knowing why I'm attracted to the shot. A tension arises in my chest as I frantically search for what I'm seeing. My eyes rapidly move back and forth across the vision I've framed in … Continue reading Textures