The Old & Forgotten Walls of Suburbia

In a small wooded area in the middle of our suburban neighbourhood, are the remnants of a farmer's wall. Bits of walls can be seen all over the older neighbourhoods, especially the ones that still have older homes. This old wooded area was a favourite hangout for us as teens in the 80's, back when … Continue reading The Old & Forgotten Walls of Suburbia

Petrified Ooze

The way the tree is bent makes it look like it might have melted, or as if the wood has flowed like lava to it's resting place, or like extruded clay that breaks at leather-hard dryness. The grain of the wood was visible with the natural colours and sunlight but became really oozy when I … Continue reading Petrified Ooze

Greyscale Sunrise At War

It's amazing how strong and vibrant the sunrise gets in the Spring over Montreal. There's always lots of humidity in the air to haze the brightness, but the sun feels like it's burning through it all to touch us with the hope of Spring and the promise of warmth in Summer. If you can imagine … Continue reading Greyscale Sunrise At War

Contrast & Wonder

Get in really close and enjoy the light coming off the differently textured surfaces. Some of my shots of this view were in colour and it remained unspectacular to me. It was the high exposure, black & white image that popped! It felt like a close-up of a mud-clay and straw sculpture... something deeply symbolic … Continue reading Contrast & Wonder

A Perspective For Goldsworthy

This past year at school has brought up a lot of images of the work fo Andy Goldsworthy. I originally thought of him as a landscape artist and installation artist. I thought his work was cool, but that was all. As he was discussed more in different classes as an example of how to see … Continue reading A Perspective For Goldsworthy

Strange Skull From The Melted Glacier

Someone managed to cart and toss this enormous stump next to a local walking path and no one seems interested in moving it. It's been there for a few years now and I see it every time I walk the path, and every time I stop and ponder it. I don't really know what is … Continue reading Strange Skull From The Melted Glacier

A Top The Canopy

While this is a view of a field densely covered with foliage, it reminded me of the fly-over views of jungles we can see in those amazing BBC nature series. There always seems to be a few trees that rise high above the canopy and sparkle in the sun. I saw this with my naked … Continue reading A Top The Canopy

The Many Colours of Black & White Photography

This week in In Pursuit of my Art Ed Degree... I've played with black & white imagery in the past, but always as part of the post-production process of my work. Removing the colour after the shot is taken fascinates me. The missing colour always seems to give something elusive that adds tension and mystery … Continue reading The Many Colours of Black & White Photography

Fun Fotos For Friday – Into The Shadows

I'm having so much fun with light and shadow, that I had to share these little explorations and ectoplasmic emanations. Ghostly Shadows: There were shadows floating all around this area of the Cemetary. It was cool and damp, and very, very quiet. A David Lynch Intermission: There always seems to be a mid-point in Lynch's … Continue reading Fun Fotos For Friday – Into The Shadows