These sorts of images bring me a great deal of pleasurable anxiety! I tend to take hundreds of them; seldom really knowing why I’m attracted to the shot. A tension arises in my chest as I frantically search for what I’m seeing. My eyes rapidly move back and forth across the vision I’ve framed in my viewfinder and I hope and hope I can capture what has me so frazzled. Am I seeing life and death play out in front of me? Am I remembering some misunderstood brushstroke I’ve obsessed over? Am I processing an effective camera angle for one of the many fantasy films I’ve dreamed of shooting? Am I unconsciously fueling my inspiration tank for a future project? Whatever it is, I feel a strong urge to capture and play with the image in front of me, AND I’ve learned to trust the instinct-voice to capture it. It will reveal itself when and how it needs to.

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