A Bit Of A Funk Approaching – The Hollow Ones #35

I didn't wake up feeling this way, at least, I think I didn't. A minor family crisis greeted us before our first coffee and a feeling of tension filled the air. When it was over, a sadness approached and hung about like a stink. The sky became overcast and heavy, instead of great lighting for … Continue reading A Bit Of A Funk Approaching – The Hollow Ones #35


Isolation Fantasy Blues #7

I've started teetering over the edge of boredom and the need to do something is growing into a near frenzy! With dozens of pages left to fill from the music sheets, chosen for these pastel drawings... well, here are a few more... staying with the fantasy of being able to live with quiet, if I … Continue reading Isolation Fantasy Blues #7

Building An Idea – THM #6 (or THO?)

I'm leaning towards "The Hollow Ones". It feels better and expresses more to me. This one seems to be swaying to some happy music. I can hear it humming. I wonder if not will burst into dance at any minute. More to come...

Looking For Strange #1

Random lines, following the whims of my hands and inner eye, revealing shapes not seen or envisioned consciously... The paper is turned and turned to find any recognizable patterns. When found, colours are applied to achieve the pattern I think I see. Anything can happen. Hint, I look for what might be eyes and let … Continue reading Looking For Strange #1

The Early Industrialist

I'm pretty sure this was an early exploration into my artist portraits series. I had decided to capture random faces from old pictures on Google images. I have no clue who this person was, but he reminds me of a face from a 19th century portrait. This might have been before photography was readily available. … Continue reading The Early Industrialist


The expression is definite and he wants you to know that he means it. I haven't the foggiest what he wants to say, but I believe him. See more at Arts M.Perron: http://www.1-mario-perron.pixels.com