Random lines, following the whims of my hands and inner eye, revealing shapes not seen or envisioned consciously… The paper is turned and turned to find any recognizable patterns. When found, colours are applied to achieve the pattern I think I see. Anything can happen. Hint, I look for what might be eyes and let the rest flow… this is part of an in-progress series of exploration.

I have a strong desire to continue it in multiple materials and experiment with possibility. All initial abstracts are transforming into living creatures. I don’t know their stories, yet. Follow their progress at The New Renaissance Mindset @ www.renminds.org to hear the story unfold.

You could be part of the story too… What story do they tell you?

Dimensions: W – 29.7cm x H – 42cm

Oil pastel on acid-free watercolour paper

Available to own for $50 (plus shipping and packaging)

See more artwork at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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