Neo-Apocalyptic Dust Mites

In my self-isolation due to Covid-19, the house has been cleaned and re-cleaned to a point of sterilization. Between cleanings, I've been reading, wasting time on social media, and making artworks. I discovered some abstract outlines in an old sketchbook and pulled out some bottles of acrylic inks I wanted to use before they dried … Continue reading Neo-Apocalyptic Dust Mites

Piercing Stare

This drawing is much closer to my usual style and it does feel very self-portrait-y! Probably because there was no particular image in mind when free drawing from my imagination. This isn't entirely true though, I find myself making lines that I feel I'm stealing from Modigliani and/or Picasso. Could be the love I have … Continue reading Piercing Stare

Well, That’s A Look

The explanation comes from the title, or the title comes from the explanation of the face. Either way, this face is both giving a very ambiguous look. I didn't have any conscious aim for the look it is giving. What does it say to you? The other explanation for this title comes from a saying … Continue reading Well, That’s A Look

Don’t Label Me

This odd drawing started as a female figure until I realized that I am more and more adding male features and lines to my cubist inspired images. It raised questions about how we, as a society perceive gender and the reasons some of us have come to accept for the definitions. It is becoming less … Continue reading Don’t Label Me


I'm lead to believe from all the books I'ver read on self-improvement, that most of us really don't see ourselves as we truly are. This self-distortion emanated from us, and influences how others see us, thus authenticating our self-perception while further concretizing a corrupted self-perception. It's a vicious circle that always starts from within us, … Continue reading Self-Distortion

My Favourite Art Supplies: The Best Drawing Pen Ever!

Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen: The Review: This has become my favorite drawing tool. Giving the ability to practice techniques used in watercolor, calligraphy, ink brushing. I’m now able to make remarkably fine lines to very thick ones. It is also amazing for shading and texturing. I love these pens! I’ve been able to practice … Continue reading My Favourite Art Supplies: The Best Drawing Pen Ever!