Under the Greyness – A Photo Safari in 2022

Get in really close and see what has been happening to the trunk of this old tree... bug burrowing and pursued by clever woodpeckers... racoons and squirrels ripping off the back to get something beneath... moss, mold, and fungi slowly decomposing the tree and adding their creative ouches of colour to the composition... 've been … Continue reading Under the Greyness – A Photo Safari in 2022


Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – It’s All Green To Me

One could argue that there is no actual yellow, nor orange in these strange pumpkins (so-called by the farmer at this particular market) and if you were in the middle of colour explorations in say a painting course, your argument would be quite on the ball. However, I still see the additional colours. Perhaps it's … Continue reading Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – It’s All Green To Me

And Then There Was Yellow

I'd like to claim that I was focusing on the tiny, brown bug crawling on the spiny leaf in front of a vast black backdrop, when this massive yellow flower photo-bombed the frame, but... I was trying to capture this unexpected yellow in my garden. I was having one of the days were I just … Continue reading And Then There Was Yellow

An Explosion of Red

You gotta trust in serendipity. I couldn't get my lens to focus on all the details of this flower cluster, no matter how much I fiddled with it. I took a few shots to catch the feelings I was getting from the red, but to my naked eye, it didn't do it justice. As I … Continue reading An Explosion of Red

Getting to the heart Of It

The entire diameter of this amazing blossom is about half an inch (1 cm). Unless you get really close it looks faded and unremarkable. Superimpose it over bright green foliage and it starts to vibrate with colour. Get closer still and you realize this flower is pink, white, orange, and yellow. The inside presents its … Continue reading Getting to the heart Of It

A Colony of Little Blossoms

Every year I grab a few shots of these colonies of minuscule flowers. From far they are like a fuzzy ball of white and yellow, but up close you see the tiny and almost translucent stamen moving. They appear to be reaching all over like living feelers; touching each other and all that surrounds them. … Continue reading A Colony of Little Blossoms

Raw, Rough, and Delicate

The mundane seems to explode with possibility when looked at up close. This is part of the carpets I put on my decks in the Winter to make them less slippery. From far, they are unremarkable, dull, brownish, dirty, rough, and not very appealing. On the day I took this shot, the sun was bright … Continue reading Raw, Rough, and Delicate

Chimes Of Corruption

Rust makes the most mundane objects remarkably beautiful. Well, I think so. These tubular windchimes hand and bring us auditory pleasures throughout the summer. I've seldom given them any aesthetic consideration, until this close-up tour of my garden. I'm so glad I got in close to this one. The clapper has a beautiful patina on … Continue reading Chimes Of Corruption

Shinning Through #5

I played with the sun a little on this morning; playing hide and seek throughout the macro view of the camera lens. This is a whole series dedicated to seeing differently. It felt like a great extension of my current desire to take a look closer at stuff. The bright morning sun gave a little … Continue reading Shinning Through #5

Left After The Snow Melts

Sorry to break things up, but I missed this one. I was lifting a stack of dry leaves I had racked and found this lemon geranium leaf. I'm fascinated by the contrast this near-pristine leaf against the rot under it. With the almost-still-red maple leaf next to it, I heard a story in my mind. … Continue reading Left After The Snow Melts