Just Starting Out

Hyperfocus is often overrated! I could have used a different lens and gotten all the detail on this shot, but then where would the mystery be? Would I have any tension beyond possible contrasts and shadows? I doubt it. Here we have the possibility of budding cotton flowers where the plant is the furthest thing … Continue reading Just Starting Out

Forrest Sentinel

On a recent trip to the Laurentians, I was walking in the forest behind the pace we were staying. I came across this I posing sentinel standing in a small clearing. Clearly dead, desiccated, rotting, and pecked, and yet... somehow standing strong and imposing. The hole in the upper side sometimes looked like an eye, … Continue reading Forrest Sentinel

Digital Sunspots

Do you ever just have fun squinting at things around you? I do. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining through the leaves of the trees, which were gently blowing in the wind. The air was full of bees, dragonflies, mosquitoes, and flying beetles. Live was all around and delivering a cacophony of … Continue reading Digital Sunspots

Contrasts and Compliments

We've been wandering around the neighbourhood for walks to break out of the isolation blues and marvelling at the different plants we see. I would love to build a hedge of this particular bush. The rich, deep red of the flowers contrasts and compliments the deep green of the leaves. Similar to the effect seen … Continue reading Contrasts and Compliments

Certain Reds Just Pop

I have this still-small Japanese maple tree in my backyard and up until recently haven't had a place where it could flourish. It's been in a darker corner on my gardens. I moved it to a new Zen garden I built in the middle of the yard and it now has lots of sunshine to … Continue reading Certain Reds Just Pop

What Really Matters – Simple Pleasures

I can't help but be filled with joy & gratitude that I see the beauty in the simplest of things. This is a gift I feel compelled to share. This dead milkweed was gently swaying in the morning breeze, the sun highlighting everything the artist in me loves: textures, tones, colours, and forms. I couldn't … Continue reading What Really Matters – Simple Pleasures

The Rabbit Looks Out

I wanted to see through this hollowed out log at the sun setting on the other side of it. I couldn't quite get my camera down and angled up, without being blinded by the glare of the sun. Finally, with my eyes full of sunspots, I chose to close my eyes and aim the camera … Continue reading The Rabbit Looks Out

The Old & Forgotten Walls of Suburbia

In a small wooded area in the middle of our suburban neighbourhood, are the remnants of a farmer's wall. Bits of walls can be seen all over the older neighbourhoods, especially the ones that still have older homes. This old wooded area was a favourite hangout for us as teens in the 80's, back when … Continue reading The Old & Forgotten Walls of Suburbia

Soft Serenity

Everything about this brings me calm. The soft greys, the light that looks painted onto the surface of it all. The tiniest hints of colours and tones. The focus and clarity could have been sharper, maybe, but would that have distracted from the calm? There are very few stones as smooth as these in the … Continue reading Soft Serenity

Petrified Ooze

The way the tree is bent makes it look like it might have melted, or as if the wood has flowed like lava to it's resting place, or like extruded clay that breaks at leather-hard dryness. The grain of the wood was visible with the natural colours and sunlight but became really oozy when I … Continue reading Petrified Ooze