I feel this is the perfect closing image for 2020. Pandemics and insane politics threatened our world and Mother Nature showed her strength and forgiveness by rapidly repairing our follies. The scientist in me knows she always will and she will do it with extreme beauty and unexpected grace, just like this little blue flower.

The fencing upon which it climbs is there to hide an oubliette under my deck, filled with unused construction materials. The man-made waste underneath and the poor aesthetic covering of the fencing are beautified by the greatest artist in our world, Mother Nature! As frail as it looks, I can tell you these little flowers stay bright for weeks and even keep their colour when I so rudely plucked them for natural dying projects. They don’t give the blue we see but rather deliver a beautiful yellow when put through an eco-printing bath (the silk cloth treated with 1% vinegar solution and then steamed for about 1 hour).

Anyway, I choose to see the beauty in this unusual year we’ve had and trust that beauty will always find a way to delight and reward those who look for it.

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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