Montreal Walls Project – Nine – Consider Textures as Landscapes

In almost every shot I take, I look at it in black and white. This helps me see the textures of the subject, where light hits the surface, where imperfections are, and often gives me a glimpse at something more beautiful than colour can illustrate. Such is the case here, where the sunlight illuminates the … Continue reading Montreal Walls Project – Nine – Consider Textures as Landscapes

Painterly Perspectives

I guess I did a good job because I can't really remember what the original colour of these flowers was. They may have been blue, but they might also have been yellow, or orange. I'm not sure. I played with this image about a week ago and it's been an incredibly full week. I just … Continue reading Painterly Perspectives

The Root & Foot of the Issue

I'm starting to wonder if I'm obsessed with tree trunks and why that might be? Sure, I love everything Wabi-Sabi: the colours, subtle tones, textures, naturally occurring patterns... all making the work unique and impossible to reproduce (easily). But, why all these gnarly stumps? There was a time that I thought I was looking for … Continue reading The Root & Foot of the Issue


These sorts of images bring me a great deal of pleasurable anxiety! I tend to take hundreds of them; seldom really knowing why I'm attracted to the shot. A tension arises in my chest as I frantically search for what I'm seeing. My eyes rapidly move back and forth across the vision I've framed in … Continue reading Textures

Raw, Rough, and Delicate

The mundane seems to explode with possibility when looked at up close. This is part of the carpets I put on my decks in the Winter to make them less slippery. From far, they are unremarkable, dull, brownish, dirty, rough, and not very appealing. On the day I took this shot, the sun was bright … Continue reading Raw, Rough, and Delicate

Imagine The Red

I got in really close to my Japanese maple tree and was astonished by the structure of the leaves. They reminded me of blades at first, then a little like a pile of sword blades overlapping each other. As I continued to stare and play with settings, including switching to monochrome, I found it reminded … Continue reading Imagine The Red

Gothic Leanings

Early this Spring, I took several pictures of the dead milkweed plants in a nearby field. I've always found these beautiful and used to use them in flower arrangements and other wall-hanging sculptures. The grey tones really appeal to me, even before I started to understand Wabi-Sabi aesthetics. They normally last well into the Summer, … Continue reading Gothic Leanings

Greyscale Sunrise At War

It's amazing how strong and vibrant the sunrise gets in the Spring over Montreal. There's always lots of humidity in the air to haze the brightness, but the sun feels like it's burning through it all to touch us with the hope of Spring and the promise of warmth in Summer. If you can imagine … Continue reading Greyscale Sunrise At War

Shadows at Sunset

I don't recall how or when I took this shot. It must have been when I was shadow hunting around the house. It was a very blurry shot, to begin with and the light in the original was at sunrise, not sunset. I usually don't see so much red in the morning sun, but this … Continue reading Shadows at Sunset

Sunset Time

I am simply fascinated by this plant. The intricately interwoven filaments that form a nearly perfect sphere are gorgeous. I zoomed in and focused on the sphere itself, contrasting out the greenery behind it. The final effect was that it appeared as if the setting sun was illuminating it. I fond it beautiful! For more … Continue reading Sunset Time