A Procession of Pink

My Cabot roses are fading early this year, or so it seems to me. They only seem to last a day before wilting, but I may be imaging things due to my busy work schedule. I'm only really looking at them every few days. Regardless, I am endeavouring to capture the vibrant pink every chance … Continue reading A Procession of Pink


Danger In A Beautiful Packaging

Look a little past this blossom and what do you see? Spikes! Do they do more than protect these flowers? If so, what? These flowers were few and far between in this particular clearing at The Morgan Arboretum. I found none in decay, nor with any bug bites taken from them. No bees on them … Continue reading Danger In A Beautiful Packaging

A Glory of Magenta

This one is all about the colour... impure magenta... flawed to perfection with white pollen and bug bites. The sun loves it! These petals often dry to a brittle paper and even keep some of this colour. I'll have to venture out this Fall to see how they look after their Summer of sun-love. Prints … Continue reading A Glory of Magenta

Shinning Through #5

I played with the sun a little on this morning; playing hide and seek throughout the macro view of the camera lens. This is a whole series dedicated to seeing differently. It felt like a great extension of my current desire to take a look closer at stuff. The bright morning sun gave a little … Continue reading Shinning Through #5

Fun Fotos For Friday – In The Garden v. 2

Encyclopedic Beauty It feels like those pictures that were in my dad's 1960's editions of the World encyclopedia.  Sister Light Imagine this illuminated by moonlight. It shines through the dark. Marbled Pink The way the light shines through these fragile petals, it looks like it's made of marble.  Remember The Pink A 'Remember When' photo. … Continue reading Fun Fotos For Friday – In The Garden v. 2