A little good news — there’s hope for us yet!

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/berkeley-scientists-single-use-plastic-eats-itself/ I don't know about you, but the perils of plastics have been a topic of prominence for me for a long time now: recycling, choosing less packaging, reusing... What to do with all that plastic?!? A few years ago I read about someone working on bacteria that would eat plastics in landfills, but it … Continue reading A little good news — there’s hope for us yet!

Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Strength Of Blue

I feel this is the perfect closing image for 2020. Pandemics and insane politics threatened our world and Mother Nature showed her strength and forgiveness by rapidly repairing our follies. The scientist in me knows she always will and she will do it with extreme beauty and unexpected grace, just like this little blue flower. … Continue reading Revisiting Some Unpublished Photos of 2020 – Strength Of Blue

We’ve Got Pitcher Plants Here?

Imagine that these are only about 2cm long... when I tilted it, liquid poured out. I couldn't see inside with my naked eyes, but these look a lot like carnivorous pitcher plants. Regardless, they are stunningly beautiful. Not exactly yellow, but more an orange-hued ochre. They grow out of a solid and proud looking stem, … Continue reading We’ve Got Pitcher Plants Here?

Canary Yellow Brush Strokes

This little flower measures about one centimetre in diameter and gives off more yellow than imaginable. When reviewing the images I took, it seemed to me that the outer petals resemble brushstrokes with good, thick oil paint. I may have to try and reproduce this image in oils! Prints & more available at Arts MPerron … Continue reading Canary Yellow Brush Strokes

Danger In A Beautiful Packaging

Look a little past this blossom and what do you see? Spikes! Do they do more than protect these flowers? If so, what? These flowers were few and far between in this particular clearing at The Morgan Arboretum. I found none in decay, nor with any bug bites taken from them. No bees on them … Continue reading Danger In A Beautiful Packaging

Adding To My Palette

We discovered a new colour in the garden the other day... this gorgeous powder-blue. It popped up long enough for us to grab this shot and share it but quickly disappeared later that same day. We have yet to see other buds or blossoms from this vine and it makes it all the more spectacular … Continue reading Adding To My Palette

A Natural Choice

I'm continuously fascinated by what happens to the dandelion flower when it turns to seed. I've never seen any plant in the transition from the bright and wet yellow blossom to this bone-dry constellation of seeds. I wonder how it happens. How does each yellow petal change humidity, colour, texture, and shape? These look dead, … Continue reading A Natural Choice

The Backyard is Filled with The Scent of a Single Jasmine Flower

I bought my wife a jasmine plant for our anniversary. They looked dismal at the nursery and I was afraid that they wouldn't deliver the perfume she loves so much. This plant has over-delivered. Sit on our deck at sunset when the neighbourhood starts to get quiet, then an exp.osion occurs. Not of sound, but … Continue reading The Backyard is Filled with The Scent of a Single Jasmine Flower

The Baby Banana Leaf Bursts Forth

We moved out banana plant into a much larger pot and had to put it on the ground. This allows us the view from the top you see here. We see a new leaf slowly emerge and unfurl about once a month, but I have never noticed how the light goes through it, not how … Continue reading The Baby Banana Leaf Bursts Forth

The Trees Have Ears

Perhaps this is a little obvious as a title. I saw the title the moment I saw the mushrooms growing on this tree trunk. I must have said the title out loud while taking the shot because, by the time I was returning past this stump a few hours later, most of them had mysteriously … Continue reading The Trees Have Ears