The staghorn sumacs around my yard shed leaves all summer... it's the squirrels who break some branches and hasten their transformation into beautiful reds and pinks. Against the backdrop of deep dark forest greens, they give off their own light. This is how I see them in my minds-eye. They wilt into a gentle cascade … Continue reading Cascade


An Explosion of Red

You gotta trust in serendipity. I couldn't get my lens to focus on all the details of this flower cluster, no matter how much I fiddled with it. I took a few shots to catch the feelings I was getting from the red, but to my naked eye, it didn't do it justice. As I … Continue reading An Explosion of Red

Contrasts and Compliments

We've been wandering around the neighbourhood for walks to break out of the isolation blues and marvelling at the different plants we see. I would love to build a hedge of this particular bush. The rich, deep red of the flowers contrasts and compliments the deep green of the leaves. Similar to the effect seen … Continue reading Contrasts and Compliments

Certain Reds Just Pop

I have this still-small Japanese maple tree in my backyard and up until recently haven't had a place where it could flourish. It's been in a darker corner on my gardens. I moved it to a new Zen garden I built in the middle of the yard and it now has lots of sunshine to … Continue reading Certain Reds Just Pop

Hellish Night

I returned at sunset to see what colours might have changed on previous images. The gargoyle looked different. There were more colours on the surface of the stone, but it was the glow of the sky that changed the whole mood of the picture. I cropped the image more to the right to highlight the … Continue reading Hellish Night