Where Andrew Wyeth shows a Wabi Sabi Aesthetic

Andrew Wyeth's art is often associated with the concept of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic philosophy that values the beauty of impermanence, imperfection, and incompleteness. Wyeth's paintings are characterized by their simplicity, muted color palette, and attention to detail, which contribute to their overall sense of tranquility and quiet contemplation. In this essay, I will explore … Continue reading Where Andrew Wyeth shows a Wabi Sabi Aesthetic


Non! J’ai Dit Non!

Title:  Non! J’ai Dit Non!  Series: People of the land  The title means “No Way, No How!”  It's all about the attitude of the figure... The body language says it all... Anger, insult, or refusal of some unwelcome affront, or is it simply an outright denial about the coming winter? Acrylic On Canvas 11 x … Continue reading Non! J’ai Dit Non!