I let my subconscious draw this one and it feels very much like how I feel about a family crisis I'm going through. Whatever comes next, it will be different. All life is like this, but some situations seem to impact this realization stronger than others. See more at Arts M.Perron:

Midweek Poems – Out of Sight Out of Mind?

The flames rise to dance anew with the added fodder. Sadness consumes happiness as thoughts feed the flames. Wood to coal to ashes the dance goes on. Thoughts of expectations misleading joy to denial. The flames jump up into the ether their fuel is the air itself. Sad memories linger always feeding on existence and … Continue reading Midweek Poems – Out of Sight Out of Mind?

The 12th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

From session on July 13th, 2017 Recap & Realizations since last week: Aha moment: Awareness shines a light on our limiting behaviors and The Ladder takes it several steps further, it reveals self-understanding and our purest truth. Awareness is only the beginning. Truth is the key to all of our personal successes. Question: How is … Continue reading The 12th Step on The Ladder of Awareness


sad… the clouds are lonely… the birds are depressed… the beer is alone… the chair is unmoved… the ant is unamused… the clowns are bored… the people are horny… the teenager is unemotional… the painting is listless… the dog is drunk… the party is sober… the shirts are dry… the pants are cold… the girl … Continue reading Sad