Why a Certification as a Home Educator?

Part of how I've been describing myself as a teacher is being an educator with a teaching philosophy based on STEM / STEAM curricula, Universal Design for Learning, Emergent Curricula, and Maker-oriented education systems. If I had to say what theories/methods I use the most, I would be taking about aspects of Reggio-Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf, … Continue reading Why a Certification as a Home Educator?


Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition

WARNING: I am no longer with Go Read. I cannot and will not endorse this business, no it's owner, Ken Dunn. In my opinion and you can Google them about being legitimate or a fraud, they are unreliable in the least. A little while back, a newer member reached out to me to ask me … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Getting Recognition