Coming Upon Amber

These delicate flowers live in a leafy cropping so dense that the leaves themselves are almost black. I did nothing to tweak the colours here... the gorgeous amber colour of the petals is exactly what my naked eye saw. Perhaps the dark indigo-green leaves gave the contrast needed to make the petals look so vibrant; … Continue reading Coming Upon Amber

A Beautiful Day on the Farm

The last days of summer spent on excursions into the countryside with family and friends... well, as many as allowed under COVID restrictions. Stopping at a roadside farmer's market to get some fresh supplies for the week ahead and parking next to a field of amazing sunflowers. Each one sings with love and life... so … Continue reading A Beautiful Day on the Farm

Canary Yellow Brush Strokes

This little flower measures about one centimetre in diameter and gives off more yellow than imaginable. When reviewing the images I took, it seemed to me that the outer petals resemble brushstrokes with good, thick oil paint. I may have to try and reproduce this image in oils! Prints & more available at Arts MPerron … Continue reading Canary Yellow Brush Strokes

And Then There Was Yellow

I'd like to claim that I was focusing on the tiny, brown bug crawling on the spiny leaf in front of a vast black backdrop, when this massive yellow flower photo-bombed the frame, but... I was trying to capture this unexpected yellow in my garden. I was having one of the days were I just … Continue reading And Then There Was Yellow