The main fabrics are cotton canvas and wool yarn.

I’ve had some old canvas lying around for years… often used as a drop sheet for house painting. I had to scour (wash) it very well to remove as much sizing as possible (and other crap from it).

My dyes are made from : Turmeric, Goldenrod, Onion Peel, Yellow candies (food dye).

My mordants are: Alum, Sumac, Soy Milk. (I allowed the soy to cure-dry for 24 hours)

My Modifiers are: Acid Water (vinegar), Alkaline Water (baking soda), Madder Water.

Most of the fabrics will have been soaked in a cool bath for about 10 to 12 hours; for both the mordanting and the dyeing.

Modifier baths are also cool and only last for about 20. minutes.


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