During a recent conversation with a close friend, I was lamenting my lot in life and dramatically sharing my existential crisis in regards to that perfectly defeatist question: “What am I doing with my life?” Thank goodness he didn’t slap me in the face and scream in my face to snap out of it! He did however put me to a task I didn’t really want to do. He asked me to recognize all the things I’ve accomplished so far. So, we started writing out all the jobs I’ve accomplished in my life & what I remember most liking about them. May I share with you?

Yes? Well, thank you so much!

Here they are, in a somewhat chronological order, but don’t hold me to that.

* Sunday Newspaper Delivery Boy – I got to meet a cute pair of chihuahuas, one black, one white,  one friendly, one frightened.

* Stock boy & bagger in a grocery store – I got to try all sorts of fruits and vegetables I hadn’t ever eaten before.

* Dishwasher in a high end restaurant – The free meals were out of this world!

*Home Alarm Installer – I used some very cool tools and learned how to do wiring.

*Janitor, or as I was called “Building Technician” – I apprenticed with plumbers, electricians, and HVAC techs, saw the transition from old phone switchers, to floor size computer banks, to desk tops all in a period of five years. I also became aware of the vast waste from these changes and the rise of clever recycling entrepreneurs.

*Locksmith – trained and bonded to use the tools of the trade, even if only in the secure buildings I worked in.

*DataEntry clerk, Database manager, showroom presenter, and gas fireplace installer – Hmmm… well, I learned stuff.

*Market Researcher – learned how to speak to specialists and business owners, and started my curiosity for business practices.

*Pre-school Teacher – Being THE storyteller with all the little kids huddled around me was the best feeling ever!

*Poet – Got two poems published in International publications and have the knowledge that my work is forever in both the International & National Libraries of Poetry.

*D.J. at CKUT… a brief show on Canadian music… I got bored laughing at my own jokes and realized I needed a sidekick.

*TV Producer, Writer, Actor, Director, Set designer, Editor, etc… on Jim’s Adventures at CUTV. – I got to use every crazy and absurdist idea I ever gleaned from watching Monty Python, Four on the Floor, SCTV, and HeeHaw! It was a blast! ( NB: Never sign waivers when submitting your ideas to a major TV station, unless you can accept seeing them credited to the producer you submitted the ideas to! I know where you came from Ed The Sock and it wasn’t MuchMusic! )

English Teacher in Madrid, Spain – The food, the wine, the museums, & the girls. You’ll have to wait for my autobiography for this stuff.

*Il Canadiense – The title I got for the short time I lived in Palermo, Sicily… one of the most beautiful places in the world!

*Customer Service & Reservation Agent – Ummm… let’s move on.

*Inside Sales – designing marketing campaigns was my fav with being the team trainer coming as a close second.

*Consultative Sales – It was like living in the TV show “How’d They Do That?”

*Call Centre manager – Umm… move on this one too!

*Talent Agent – Meeting, motivating, and developing actors & actresses was both amazing and challenging. I gave me the opportunity to learn and use more leadership and training skills than I had ever used before. To be honest, I believe I could probably put up my shrink plaque from this experience. All jokes aside, it has helped me be a better listener and consultant, as well as living through my first failed company! Phew, as per Richard Branson, that means my next one, or the one after will be the winner!

*Publisher – The dream of creating a community magazine, making loads of cash, working with amazing service providers, making tons of dough, doing something that my kids would be proud to say her Dad does, and, Oh, did I say, making much moolah? I haven’t given up on this one, yet. It, like me is a work in progress!

*Professional Networker – Meeting some absolutely incredible people… I write about some of them in my segment called “These Are The People In My Neighbourhood”

*Business / Media / Advertising Coach  – Giving it all away from free. NOT!!! Also a work in progress and currently a super source of learning and growth for me.

*Blogger & Writer – I’m deep into this one right now and loving it! Can you tell?

*There are a few that don’t quite fit in the chronological order, as they are part of me and who I am, more than what I’ve done. In fact they are ongoing.

*An artist – I love the experimenting – see my website, if you dare:  1-mario-perron.pixels.com

*A husband – Being a partner in a shared life is the great adventure.

*A Dad – She is my pride & joy, my greatest creation, and my greatest “Why”.

So, dear readers, next time I spiral into my self-pity mode and feel like I’ve never done anything, please throw this back in my face!

As an old friend your say when it was time to go, I’m off like a heard of wild turtles…

Write to you soon!




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