A little over a week ago, I started on a new journey of discovery. An exploration into purpose & passions, mindset & motivates, honesty & happiness, and a integrity filled self-description.


For those of you who have read some of my articles in the past, you will understand when I say this journey actually started much further back, and is still on-going. I believe this is a new phase that went into overdrive starting with a day long Power of Success workshop with several awesome thought leaders, including Tony Robbins, it took a paradigm shifting twist over a coffee with my mentor / friend, Berel M. Weiner, moved forward at light speed out of my comfort zones with a 30 hours workshop by Phil Town on Rule 1 investing, and now I’m on what I can only describe as a momentum train. Over the next few weeks and months I will be going to a 4 day career seminar, a full day intensive workshop on NLP, doing tons of work on finance and investing, and putting myself in a very vulnerable place to achieve intense growth , as I follow, learn, and write about The Ladder.

I passionately believe you will get lots from the articles on The Ladder and I am intentionally leaving out what it is, because I barely understand it, YET. I can only say it has already changed more than my mindset, it has helped me better appreciate what I do with my passion for writing and telling stories, as well and strengthen my faith in the Law of Attraction. My teacher for this part of the journey is Berel Michael Weiner. On his business card we learn he is a bilingualism coach working with C-Level executives, helping them communicate their ideas. In life there is much, much more to this amazing and natural, born teacher. Don’t worry, I will be writing an article about him in an upcoming The People in my Neighbourhood feature. For now, please just stay tuned as we all learn more about his purpose and passion, “The Ladder”. Ok, I’ll tell you one tiny aspect of if, as I already understand it… it’s a personal development tool that breaks down barriers, builds understanding of our TRUE abilities, and propels us forward, with honesty & integrity, to use them in our pursuit of success and happiness.


In the first 10 minute experience we found a new answer to that dreadful elevator pitch question, “what do you do?”

This is more or less what I now say:
I believe successful people have passion for the work they do. 
Their passion makes the work great and I get a RUSH when sharing their stories.
I write to help amazing people get their greatest work into the world. 
I am a Successographer.
What do you think a SUCCESSOGRAPHER is?
To me, it starts as a success biographer. I love hearing about the passionate journeys successful entrepreneurs take to achieve success and I am so deeply grateful that they shared their learning with me, that I am compelled to share it with YOU and teach it to others. The funny thing I discovered is that a great many successful people don’t know how to talk about their passion. That, as my friends sometimes tell me, is where my strength resides. I tend to listen for that passion the most, and I clearly enjoy steering the conversations back to it, when I’m curious about what someone does. I love to to dig past the how and excavate the why with great zeal! (Or so, I’m told, when not appearing to pay attention, just not always in such noice words…wink, wink.) I have a strong belief in this being the unique selling point of every business proposition. It’s the “Why”, that drives the “How” and produces the “What” in every successful business. It’s what brings the clients people need for their business. It’s the Law of Attraction in business.
Ok, I’m stopping here for today, because I feel a long-winded ramble fuelled by momentous excitement coming on, and that will drive me off on many tangents. So, please stay tuned for the next instalment of The Ladder, which I intend to post this upcoming Friday.
In the meantime, I would love to hear from all of you on what you do with your passions and what would you really like to call yourselves when someone asks you: “What do you do?”
Wishing you all an awesome day!


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